Thursday, November 11, 2010

First post: an introduction

As this blog's title suggests, I am a college student who procrastinates doing homework and other productive miscellany by cooking and baking.  Up until now, I've been posting recipes on my personal blog, but I decided to give the fam a break and separate food from the rest of my life.  I love to cook, and so I figured I'd have enough material for a food blog!  The only thing I'm missing is a nice camera...  So, sorry if the pictures here are a bit fuzzy.  Maybe I'll save up from the ads and, if there is enough traffic by my humble little blog, I'll earn a camera?  Here's dreaming!

The people reading this blog right now are probably the people who already know my cooking habits and likes and dislikes.  However, I will make this post an introduction of those exciting facts.

I like to cook with:
-Veggies of all types
-Healthy ingredients
-EVERYTHING!  I'm even learning to like seafood, although you probably won't see a lot of seafood on this blog, as I am on a college budget...

My favorite kitchen equipment includes:
-My immersion blender
-My silicone spatulas
-Mom's food processor (when I'm at home)
-A large selection of medium-sized knives that I use for just about everything

Silly things I do in the kitchen:
-As I cook, I nest my measuring cups inside of each other next to the sink.  I reuse them as much as I can without contaminating ingredients.
-Snitch and sample like crazy.  It has made my mom wild for years.
-Leave cupboard doors open and smack my head
-Put my laptop (with the recipe) on top of the dish rack so I can read it while I cook

Favorite cooking websites (this list grows all the time):
20somethingcupcakesAnnie's EatsBig girls, small kitchenCheeky KitchenConfections of a Foodie BrideWhat's cookin, Chicago?Joy the BakerShutterbeanSMITTEN KITCHENSugarplumPioneer WomanThe Wednesday Chef

I hope that gives a satisfactory introduction to my kitchen life.  I suspect that I'll reveal a lot more along the way...


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  1. Two blogs? Can you keep them up? And school? And social life? And work? And water polo, basketball, and running? And sleep?

    You are crazy!


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